102-Year-Old Celebrates Her Birthday Amid the Roar of Engines at Woodward Dream Cruise

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What a birthday!

For over a quarter-century, the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Metro Detroit has been a sanctuary for car aficionados. This weekend was no exception. The rumbling of engines and the gleam of polished chrome attracted enthusiasts from every corner of the country. Among the sea of muscle cars, vintage trucks, and iconic roadsters was a celebration of a different kind, one that warmed the hearts of all who passed by James Senior Living in Ferndale.

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Perched among her fellow seniors, Marcella Krause was the star of the day. A sign beside her jubilantly read, "Honk for Marcella. She is 102 today!" And honk they did. Each blare of the horn brought a radiant smile to Marcella's face, as the automotive parade became the backdrop to her milestone birthday.


What made this day particularly poignant was that it marked Marcella's first experience of the Woodward Dream Cruise. Though a Detroit native, Marcella was residing in Florida when the event began in 1995. "It's really a thrill to see them going down. They must've been well-preserved," she said, her words capturing the essence of both the vintage cars and her own incredible journey through life.

Asked about the secret to her longevity, Marcella credited her relationship with God and joked, "Well, it doesn't feel much different, other than all my parts are wearing out. Except my mouth. My mouth is good," she added with a laugh.

The tale of Marcella's 102nd birthday amidst the mechanical symphony of the Dream Cruise illustrates the extraordinary tapestry of life experiences that can converge around a shared passion. As the engines roared in the distance and her loved ones serenaded her, Marcella stood as a touching testament to the spirit of the event: the coming together of community, the preservation of history, and the simple joy of living.

For car enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, Marcella's birthday added a layer of heartwarming humanity to an already cherished annual event. And so, as the sun set on another Woodward Dream Cruise, the echo of engines was joined by a chorus of hearts, all a little fuller for having been a part of Marcella's special day.

Source: CBS News

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