12-Year-Old Girl Crashes Running From Police In Stolen SUV

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12-Year-Old Girl Crashes Running From Police In Stolen SUV
12-Year-Old Girl Crashes Running From Police In Stolen SUV

Guess she didn’t practice in Mario Kart enough?

We bring to you a crazy video out of the Minneapolis area where a 12-year-old girl stole a Chevy TrailBlazer, leading police on a bit of a chase before crashing the SUV. Thankfully, she didn’t hit other cars from what we can see from the traffic camera footage and she doesn’t appear to have been injured.

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Dealing with preteen girls can be a trial at times, depending on the individual. The same thing goes for boys. What we don’t entirely understand is why it’s becoming increasingly common for kids in that age range to steal and crash cars with cops in hot pursuit. It used to be that the youngsters would get such kicks watching chase scenes in movies or playing video games, not committing serious crimes.

The footage opens with the TrailBlazer speeding along a somewhat busy road, dodging other cars while not using its turn signal. For all we know it’s some mom trying to get the kids to soccer practice or ballet on time, but dispatch audio overlaid indicates police know it’s a child behind the wheel.

A police cruiser isn’t too far behind, its emergency lights going, but we don’t know if the suspect sees that detail. She appears to be able to see over the steering wheel, but we doubt she knows to check her mirrors constantly.

Thankfully, she enters a construction zone and gets flustered. Making a sudden turn, she plants the front end of the SUV against an earthen embankment and appears to just give up once the cruiser catches up, lightly bumping the rear quarter panel on the Chevy. The chase could’ve ended so much worse than that, so it feels fortunate to see such a peaceful resolution.

Hopefully, this girl gets the help she obviously needs. And we hope there’s a movement to put an end to this trend of young kids stealing cars, whether from family members or strangers.