The 1341-HP Nissan Hyper Force Sure Looks Like an Electric GT-R

nissan hyper force concept
Nissan Hyper Force Concept Looks like an EV GT-RNISSAN_DESIGN

Nissan pulled the wraps off its all-electric Hyper Force concept in Tokyo on Wednesday, and it looks an awful lot like an electric GT-R.

Nissan says the EV supercar puts out 1000 kW, or 1341 hp. As we'd expect from a new-generation GT-R, it's got plenty of technology to help drivers harness its power. For instance, the Hyper Force concept has a new version of e-4ORCE all-wheel drive. While the name is questionable, the e-4ORCE system in the Ariya uses the EV crossover's brakes, regen, and three motors to provide individual wheel control. The result is rapid torque vectoring, allowing the car to tidy its line in corners and maximize grip on the way out. If the "advanced" version of this system uses four motors and provides direct control of all four wheels, the GT-R's legacy of mind-bending cornering will live on.

So too will its focus on aerodynamics. The R35 set blistering lap times in part because of its highly sophisticated aero. Nissan says the Hyper Force goes even further, with active aerodynamic elements on the canards, front fender lip, and both ends of the rear wing. There's a dual-level diffuser for extra downforce and a two-tiered airflow design under the hood, providing powertrain cooling and added grip.


There's also a "plasma actuator" that Nissan says "suppresses air detachment to maximize grip and minimize inner-wheel lift during cornering." According to a study published in Recent Progress in Some Aircraft Technologies, plasma actuators use electric charges to adjust the boundary layer of air moving over a surface. By providing a voltage across a surface, you can clean up the airflow and delay the onset of turbulence. The study notes that they were able to produce these effects at speeds of up to 10 m/s—roughly 22 mph. The tech hasn't made it to any aircraft or cars, but maybe that'll change with the R36 GT-R.

nissan hyper force concept
Nissan Design

Of course, Nissan hasn't said that this Hyper Force concept is a GT-R. But details suggest it is. The Hyper Force badge has the same color pattern and style as the GT-R badge. The taillights are made up of four round lights laid out just as they are on the R35. There are two driving modes: Grand Touring, and Racing. GT, and R. In R mode, drivers get a live view of tire grip, tire temperature, air pressure, power distribution, and brake rotor temperature. The graphics are also designed by Polyphony Digital, the frequent GT-R promoters and studio behind Gran Turismo.

If you like gaming, you'll also be happy to know that the Hyper Force offers VR and AR gaming through a specialized helmet. With the vehicle parked, drivers can use it to compete in online racing or time trials.

nissan hyper force interior
Nissan Design

In theory. For now, there will be no drivers, because the Hyper Force is not a consumer car. It's a concept meant to show the direction of Nissan's sports- and super-car business. Given that the current GT-R is overdue for a redesign, it may not be long before we see elements of the Hyper Force on a production car.

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