Not Allowing Their Employees To Wear Coats In The Middle Of Winter, And 14 Other Straight-Up Evil Moves From Crappy Bosses That Make Me Want To Riot

In my feeble attempt to cancel any and all crappy bosses in 2023, please enjoy these (infuriating) screenshots, courtesy of r/antiwork:

1.This boss who decided their employees didn't deserve warmth in the middle of winter:

A thermostat set at 65 degrees
u/cerulean12 / Via

2.This boss who decided their employees didn't deserve JACKETS in the middle of winter:

"Understand we are strict on our policy of no jackets. That is done for a reason."
u/Existingnoise55 / Via

3.This employer who didn't want their employees to spend a single second not working:

A notice saying people need to punch in and get straight to work
u/Sheldon-sCooper / Via

4.This boss who gave their employee false hope thanks to their own incompetence:

"It was my misunderstanding of the schedule."
u/LilyOfCute / Via

5.This boss who really tried to guilt an UNPAID INTERN for having COVID:

"That is wrong on many levels. Please call me ."
u/ggrr2021 / Via

6.This boss who straight up berated their employee for having the *audacity* to take a COVID test:

"If you stay home you don't get paid. If you are sick stay home"
u/Molotuff / Via

7.This monster of a boss who forbid listening to music in the workplace:

"listening to music through headphones or Ear-bud style radios is prohibited."
u/soleario21 / Via

8.This boss who wasted absolutely no time harassing their new hire:

Screenshot of someone's call log
u/killer_bee_n / Via

9.This boss who created a messed up "incentive program" to give their employees a piddly raise:

"Game on..... have fun :) "
u/Everleigh_core / Via

10.This boss who attempted to hold their employees hostage for half of December:

"No more requests for time off will be approved for the 18th of December through the 3rd of January."
u/Asleep_Section_3205 / Via

11.This boss who really had the gall to send this to their staff in a weekly newsletter:

"A quote an old coach used to say that I believe can be applied to any workplace!"
u/Affectionate_Pen5175 / Via

12.This boss who doesn't seem to understand the concept of days off:

"I didn't check my emails on my days off"
u/spacesuitmoose / Via

13.This boss who left a single person to handle an entire store on their own:

"Management left me alone to run the store by myself..."
u/SusejParty / Via

14.This boss who refused to pay their employees for the full hours they worked:

"I will make exceptions sometimes if a message is posted in the "longer than expected" channel with pictures showing something unordinary."
u/21peanuts / Via

15.And finally, this boss who tried to limit bathroom breaks to five minutes, and threatened to dock pay for anything longer:

"Every extra minute spent in the bathroom will result in pay deduction."
u/Kitchen_Diver_9873 / Via

What's the worst move your boss ever pulled? Tell us in the comments!

H/T: r/antiwork