18 Selfish, Entitled Travelers I Better Not Encounter On Any Of My Own Excursions

1.This woman who brought a FULL LOBSTER COOKOUT ON HER FLIGHT.............?!?!?!?!!!

2.This plane passenger who, I can PROMISE you, also has their seat reclined:

3.This woman who flew while she knowingly had COVID:

Here's a close-up of her text:

"we have Covid, shhh that's why we're coming home a day early. on the plane"

4.This person who saw no problem with lounging away on the subway during rush hour 😌💅:

5.This elusive Airplane Vaper™:

6.This airport-goer who let their "service dog" poop in the terminal and then promptly hurried away:

7.This kid's parents who just let him climb everywhere on the plane!!!!!

9.This woman who insisted on clipping her toenails at the airport for some reason:

10.And some other person who also left their own toenail remnants at their gate:

11.These train passengers who left their bags on all the open seats, leading to no empty spots:

12.This plane passenger who left their toddler's pee pee potty thing out in the open.....?!?!?!?!!

13.This person on a plane who spilled their whole drink, kicked her empty food carton under the chair in front of them, got up, and moved over one seat??!?!?!!

14.This passenger who made their own SUUUUUUPER CONSIDERATE coat rack 😌:

15.Whoever left his mess for the flight attendants to deal with:

16.This guy enjoying an orange at his airport gate:

17.This person scrolling through the in-flight entertainment with their tootsies:

And laaaaaastly:

18.IDK if this passenger's being selfish, but just like.......what?