1936 Auburn 852 4-Dr Phaeton Up for Auction by Lucky Collector Car Auctions

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Own a piece of automotive history as the 1936 Auburn 852 4-Dr Phaeton is offered for sale by Lucky Collector Car Auctions.

Lucky Collector Car Auctions is thrilled to present a rare and exquisite 1936 Auburn 852 4-Dr Phaeton, a classic symbol of automotive innovation and luxury. This stunning vehicle is a testament to the Auburn Automobile Company’s storied history and craftsmanship, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The auction will provide an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, as this model is not only a beautiful example of pre-war American luxury but also a significant artifact from a golden age of car manufacturing.

The Auburn Automobile Company, rooted in the legacy of the Eckhart Carriage Company, was established in Auburn, Indiana, in 1875 by Charles Eckhart. The transition from carriages to automobiles began with Eckhart's sons, Frank and Morris, who experimented with automobile manufacturing before officially entering the business. The company saw moderate success until World War I caused material shortages, leading to the plant's closure. In 1919, a group of Chicago investors, led by Ralph Austin Bard, acquired the company, though their revival efforts fell short of expectations.

In 1924, the company’s fate took a significant turn when Errett Lobban Cord, a remarkable automobile salesman, was invited to manage the company. Cord offered to take full control, completing a leveraged buyout by the end of 1925. His dynamic leadership and aggressive marketing strategies revitalized Auburn, and by 1926, he had partnered with the Duesenberg Corporation, known for its high-performance racing cars. This partnership was instrumental in launching a line of high-priced luxury vehicles, further solidifying Auburn’s reputation.

Cord’s vision, coupled with the talents of imaginative designers like Alan Leamy and Gordon Buehrig, led to the creation of some of the most iconic cars of the era. These included the 1928 Auburn Boattail Speedster, the Model J Duesenbergs, the 1935–1937 Auburn Speedsters, and the legendary 810/812 Cords. The 1936 Auburn 852 4-Dr Phaeton, now available through Lucky Collector Car Auctions, is a prime example of this legacy.


This particular Auburn 852 features the sophisticated design and advanced engineering that made Auburn vehicles so revered. With its elegant Old English White exterior, red accents, and black soft top, it exudes a timeless charm. The interior, refreshed with Magnolia Connolly leather, complements the vehicle’s classic aesthetics. Under the hood, the rebuilt 2,660cc inline-four engine, equipped with an aluminum cylinder head and high-performance components, ensures a powerful and smooth driving experience.

The 1936 Auburn 852 4-Dr Phaeton is more than just a car; it is a piece of history that captures the ingenuity and elegance of a bygone era. Offered with extensive service records, historical documents, and a clean Michigan title, this vehicle represents a unique investment for any classic car collector.

Don’t miss your chance to bid on this exceptional Auburn at Lucky Collector Car Auctions. This is a rare opportunity to own a beautifully restored classic that continues to inspire admiration for its design and engineering excellence.

This interesting vehicle is selling at Lucky Car Auction’s Spring Classic this weekend- June 1st and 2nd. Visit to register to bid and to see all their unique vehicles and automobila.

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