1957 Chevrolet 150 Awakens after Four Decades of Slumber

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The 150 in question has withstood the ravages of time since 1984.

The Tri-Five Chevrolets, consisting of the 1955, 1956, and 1957 models, have carved their names in the annals of automotive history with their iconic design, affordability, and a variety of body styles. The options were not confined to just the two-door coupes, four-door sedans, and wagons, but extended to include convertibles and delivery sedans with a rear-seat delete, illustrating the diversified offerings of Chevrolet during that epoch.

These vehicles were power-packed for their time, with the entry-level sporting a 235-cubic-inch inline-six generating between 123 to 140 horsepower, and the V8 variants providing a robust 162 to 283 horses, contingent on the model year and trim. The lineup was categorized into the basic 150, the intermediate 210, and the luxurious Bel Air, each symbolizing a different echelon of style and comfort.


The enduring allure of the Tri-Five has only intensified over the decades, cementing its status as a cherished classic amongst vintage car aficionados. While encountering a Tri-Five is not an anomaly, pristine, specific versions have fetched over $100,000 at auctions.

Amidst this background emerges a unique 1957 Chevrolet 150, an emblem of unadulterated originality and perseverance. The car, showcased by YouTube’s “Curiosity Incorporated,” belongs to a scarce breed of unmolested survivors, primarily as many counterparts have been relinquished to decay in junkyards and secluded barns.

The 150 in question has withstood the ravages of time since 1984, parked and overlooked due to a collision that left it with a severe dent in the left-side rear fender. The ensuing four decades have imprinted their mark, with rust devouring the lower body panels, and mold infiltrating some areas. However, the resilience of this classic is palpable, retained in a family that has owned it since its inception.

Despite the accumulated layers of wear, the Chevrolet 150 pulsates with an intrinsic originality. Although re-coated with white, glimpses of the factory Turquoise, a quintessential color of the 1950s, peep through, narrating tales of its illustrious past.

The questions surrounding the future of this Chevrolet 150 are cloaked in ambiguity, with no concrete plans for restoration disclosed by the host. However, the revival of the ancient Blue Flame inline-six engine and the meticulous cleansing it received serve as beacons of hope for this venerable automobile, averting its descent into a dilapidated relic.

This Chevrolet 150 stands as a testament to the enduring charm and robustness of the Tri-Five series. Its journey, marred by years of neglect yet adorned with unadulterated authenticity, epitomizes the resilience and timeless allure of these automobiles, painting a vivid tableau of the intersection between past elegance and present restoration endeavors.

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