1966 Corvette Restomod Boasts LS3 Power and It Is Selling Wednesday On Bring A Trailer

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This wickedly fast Corvette is a great modern-style racer.

Built in 1966, this Corvette has been turning heads for decades with a V8 engine under the hood and some of the era’s best styling. However, that was when it was stock and nowadays it could be described as anything but that. Starting off, you’ll notice the car sits a lot lower than you might expect. That has a lot to do with the suspension but one thing that matters a whole lot more is that chassis holding up the automobile.

That frame is that of a C7 Corvette from Street Shop, optimized for handling and high torque racing. Another feature taken from a seventh generation model is the braking system which makes stopping on a dime more than possible. That is incredibly important when you’re talking about a full-on Restomod with a lot of power flowing through the vehicle. But just how much performance does this practical Supercar with a vintage body produce?

Under the hood you won’t find an older engine you might expect but rather a 6.2-liter LS3 powerhouse. Without a doubt, that nearly 500 horsepower weapon is more than enough to move the ultra light weight vehicles at high speeds. Assisting in this is a six-speed manual transmission which helps with acceleration, top speed, and gas mileage. All of this makes the ‘Vette the perfect family driver/restomod and to top everything off, it’s only got 57 miles on the clock!

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