1966 Porsche 912 Barn Find Goes Electric

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Once frozen in time, Farland Classic Electrics helps this Porsche start a new chapter.

EV retrofits are a hot trend for classic cars, and companies like Farland Classic Electrics are making it easier than ever to complete these projects. One of their latest projects, a 1966 Porsche 912, is under the knife for such a conversion. Making it more interesting, this vintage Porsche was locked away from the rest of the world until very recently.

Farland Classic Electrics refers to this 1966 Porsche 912 as the ‘ideal barn find’ after their team located the classic German sports car in a shed in nearby Longmont, Colorado. The owner had stored the car in a storage shed since 1992, after finding it Farland purchased the car, and brought it back to their shop. The expert mechanics at Farland got the air-cooled Porsche engine running, but ultimately decided that this vintage Porsche would be a great candidate for an EV powertrain. It wasn’t in perfect shape, but had a great foundation for the conversion.

Parts were sourced while working with a group in California called Electric GTE, the creator of the Electric GT, which is basically like the LS swap choice of the EV conversion world. With Electric GTE working on the electric parts, the Porsche itself is now rolling on a new suspension to compensate for the weight of the battery packs. Unrelated to the battery conversion, the Porsche has also undergone some work to correct rust damage, and a few panels were repaired. The paint is also complete, and battery installed. Farland’s crew has taken it out for its first test drive, and the final details are being sorted out. See more pictures here.

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