1967 Saab 96 Is Our Bring a Trailer Auction Pick of the Day

Photo credit: Bring a Trailer
Photo credit: Bring a Trailer
Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

• We chose this 1967 Saab 96 as our Bring a Trailer auction pick of the day; the online auction ends March 13.

• This Saab 96 features a V-4 engine and a four-speed manual transmission.

• This example has been mechanically refurbished and is located in New Hampshire.

Bring a Trailer—which, like Car and Driver, is part of Hearst Autos—isn't all multimillion-dollar Porsche supercars, six-figure Italian roadsters, and high-end modern classics. There are also affordable, offbeat finds, like this 1967 Saab 96. With five days still to go in the bidding (it ends on March 13), we can't say for sure exactly how affordable it will be. We are, however, feeling pretty strong about the "offbeat" part.


This Saab is located, fittingly, in New Hampshire, as the New England region's snow and mud showed the front-wheel-drive Saab to its best advantage. This car even has the Saab-logo mud flaps that were a de rigueur accessory in the brand's heyday.

Front-wheel drive also lends the 96 a completely flat floor, giving the small car a surprisingly roomy interior. That flat floor is uninterrupted by a center console, as the Saab's four-speed manual transmission is operated via a column shifter. Unusually, the transaxle allows the engine to "freewheel" (disconnect from the drive wheels) when the accelerator is released. That engine is a V-4, and a peek under the front-hinged hood shows it situated ahead of the front axle.

This Saab is said to have had recent mechanical work including an engine and transmission overhaul and a new clutch. The car also received new brakes and new suspension bushings. Interior refurbishment includes later-model Saab front and rear seats, with the seats and door panels upholstered in red velour (deviations from stock being more accepted in the Saab community than some others). This car also has been tweaked with engine-turned dash trim, a wood shift knob, and Ronal mag wheels.

Adding to the appeal for those of a literary bent, these early Saabs have a connection with author Kurt Vonnegut, who at one point before his literary career took off owned a Saab dealership in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. As his daughter Edie recalled: "He would look after his cars and business and write when there was nothing else to do. Though mainly I think he spent his time smoking and worrying whether he'd sell any cars or not."

No need to worry whether this Saab will sell. The auction is no reserve.

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