1969 VW Dune Buggy ‘Fun and Sun’ 1600cc Is Ready To Elevate Your Lifestyle

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With a flat four and 4-speed manual transmission, this is going to be your favorite thing to drive ever.

Everyone’s definition of a fun vehicle might vary, but nobody would deny that this 1969 VW Dune Buggy ‘Fun and Sun’ 1600cc is just pure fun. You can daily it, because it’s made to go from point A to point B, but it is so much more than that! This vehicle was built for the purpose of smiles. Where you’re ready to add a healthy dose of serotonin to your car collection, call on this 1969 VW Dune Buggy ‘Fun and Sun’ 1600cc from ACC Auctions to get the job done.

Powering this ultra lightweight vehicle is a sturdy 1600 cc flat four engine, and backing that is a quick shifting 4-speed manual transmission. This is what’s known as a beach cruiser, but can be used on many different terrains, although, it would make you the coolest spouse ever to toss the spouse in this thing for your next sandy vacation.

This open air 1969 VW Dune Buggy ‘Fun and Sun’ 1600cc has enough room to seat 4 people comfortably. It is made to handle pavement, sand, mud, and even a little water, but a very little. The lightweight fiberglass body is basic and it has sharp fenders, a squared off back deck, and exposed bottom bucket and suspension. The build was professionally done to the higher standards. This stunning bright blue 1969 VW Dune Buggy ‘Fun and Sun’ 1600cc can be yours, thanks to ACC Auctions, see it here and get ready to bid.

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