1971 Ford Falcon XY GT Lifted In Heist

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Australians, Stay on the lookout for this car…

Recently, a stunning 1971 Ford Falcon GT was stolen from a property in Regional Victoria. This vehicle was something really special both to the market and the driver who kept it in such good condition. Because of this, it was estimated to be worth around $130,000 which clearly makes it quite in need of protection. That protection seemingly did not have as the culprits in this crime managed to sneak away with the car. However, there is one thing that might change the course of this case, police have released pictures of the car.

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Now that everyone knows what the car looks like, there are a couple of options going forward. First of all, it’s possible that someone will recognize the automobile and report it. This would sort of make sense because of how unique the vehicle is. However there is another, more likely scenario that might dropkick the car guy's heart over a mountain. So what exactly is that possibility that would be so devastating to the vehicle’s true owner?

Well, it makes more sense for the thrived to store the car in a container or garage until the heat dies down. Eventually the cops will run out of resources to spend looking for the car but in the meantime there are plenty of parts that might fetch a hefty price on the black market. Nobody wants to think about their favorite automobile picked apart for scraps. So the only real thing car people can do to help the owner out is to watch out for anything related to the car or the case.

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