1972 Camaro Z28 Split Bumper Stolen

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1972 Camaro Z28 Split Bumper Stolen
1972 Camaro Z28 Split Bumper Stolen

A man in Sylvania, Ohio is reeling after thieves stole his beloved 1972 Chevy Camaro Z28 Split Bumper right out of his garage. Now he’s turning to the public for help and we’d like to see him get the classic muscle car back.

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As he told local news station WTOL11, he never imagined someone would steal his pride and joy out of his garage. The theft took place in the late hours of June 13 or the early morning hours of June 14.

Police are investigating the theft. A representative said a license plate reader got a hit on the car not long after the theft, but since then there have been no additional hits. Either the muscle car is out of the area, or the license plate has been swapped out. Or maybe both.


In this case, the thieves cut through a padlock to gain access to the garage. Unfortunately, lock cutters aren’t that expensive and if criminals stake out your car’s storage area in advance, which we bet these guys did, they can show up with the right tools to make breaking in a cinch.

The owner put over 20 years and tens of thousands of dollars into the Camaro Z28. His intention was to leave the muscle car to his son one day. Now that might not happen.

While we hope this man gets his ’72 Camaro back, we also want to remind everyone that car theft can happen to anyone. While it’s more likely if you own something valuable like this Z28, thieves sometimes steal vehicles to use in committing other crimes.

We suggest adding some additional security to your ride, like a kill switch, alarm, etc. Having security cameras up, motion sensor lights, and a GPS tracker or two on your car are also helpful.

Image via WTOL11/YouTube

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