1986 Land Rover Pickup Is The Best Choice For Any Off Road Adventure

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This vehicle is a great option for anyone looking for a utilitarian truck with style and performance to match.

The vast expanses of land in the United Kingdom boast many of the world’s most beautiful landmarks, hidden away by bountiful forests and towering mountains. Thousands of tourists travel from around the globe to visit these outstanding sites every year, but there is a big issue that impedes even the most determined travelers to this day. First, of course, the rolling mountains and treacherous landscape of the UK can be challenging to navigate. However, a straightforward answer has proven to be the ultimate solution to dangerous terrain, the Land Rover. Older models, in particular, are very well-put-together British offroading legends whose incredible adventures have given the iconic brand an air of utility and style. The Land Rover is, hands down, the best choice for a proper adventuring vehicle. So what makes this the perfect truck for you?

First of all, we should talk about the incredibly reliable powertrain that sits under the hood of this 1986 Land Rover Defender pickup truck. Powering this invincible utility vehicle is a 3.5-liter V8 engine with around 200 horsepower. That output is more than enough to boost the gigantic truck over rocks and mud with ease. All of that power is transferred through the factory five-speed manual transmission, which makes driving this four-wheel-drive beast a ton of fun. The truck is excellent for offroading, but how does it fare in daily driving and road applications?

The interior of this luxurious off-roader features a tastefully crafted brown and black color scheme which combines with the leather material to create an attractive and comfortable texture. Most of the larger brown leather panels sport a black trim, including the door handles and the dash, which provides a stunning contrast. The exterior is particularly alluring as it was fully customized by Dennis Collins, who is widely regarded and respected as an expert on Jeeps and Defenders. Overall this is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking for a mix of utility, exterior style, and reliable engine design wrapped in a vintage Land Rover package.

In the fall of 2021, the car was sent to legendary Jeep and Defender expert Dennis Collins, owner of Collins Brothers Jeep, for a no-expense-spared full exterior customization and the completion of the first-ever Arizona Desert Edition Defender.

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