2 Chainz Flashes His Customized Cybertruck

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2 Chainz Flashes His Customized Cybertruck
2 Chainz Flashes His Customized Cybertruck

Known for his flashy style, rapper 2 Chainz has kept things consistent by revealing his own customized Tesla Cybertruck. He hired Roadshow International and Forgiato to make his geometric, all-electric pickup look as unique as possible.

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While it certainly stands out from others out there, not everyone loves what 2 Chainz had done. Others think it looks awesome. As they say, you can’t please everyone all the time and we think the man didn’t even try to shoot for that.

Image via 2chainz/Instagram
Image via 2chainz/Instagram

The most striking feature is of course the orange wrap featuring black cartoon wolf images on either side. We surprisingly haven’t seen a Cybertruck in orange yet, so this is a departure from other customizations. Even if others go the pumpkin-themed route, we doubt they’ll be able to pull of the unique artwork to complete the look.


In the meantime, 2 Chainz kept the fender flares black and had the frunk lid wrapped matte black, adding some contrast with the orange. Had he done gloss black it might have made the expansive windshield seemingly go all the way to the strip headlight up front – something to think about for anyone wanting a unique idea for their Cybertruck.

The contribution from Forgiato is of course the alloy wheels, departing from what the Cybertruck has when it rolls out of the factory. With three giant split spokes, there’s plenty of space to show off the orange brake calipers and dazzle the eyes as this EV rolls down the road.

As more people are taking delivery of Cybertrucks, it seems we’re seeing a greater variety of customizations. That makes sense, although the nature of the all-electric pickup means those mods are pretty much only cosmetic.

For a vehicle with polarizing looks, some are going to dig the visual changes to it and some will think it’s putting lipstick on a pig. What do you think of 2 Chainz’s take on Elon’s truck?

Images via 2chainz/Instagram