2022 BMW 330e xDrive plug-in hybrid allows you to choose your charging amperage

Our long-term 2022 BMW 330e xDrive plug-in hybrid has a setting within its menus for selecting a specific charging amperage. This is great if you want to use the Level 1 mobile charger to charge at maximum speed without tripping your circuit breaker. Many circuits have 10- or 15-amp breakers that will trip if you try to charge at too high of an amperage. Not all EVs or plug-in hybrids have an in-car setting to allow you to change that, but the 330e lets you pick anything from 6 to 16 amps to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Video Transcript

JOHN SNYDER: Hello, everyone. John Snyder with Autoblog here. And I'm sitting inside our long-term 2022 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid. Now this car has in-car settings for charging amperage, which is kind of nice. So my situation, I have this plugged into the mobile charger from my garage, a 15-amp circuit. And a lot of vehicles will trip that circuit, even if they're below 15 amps. It's just sort of a finicky circuit.

So what I've got here is a setting for that. So you go to your home screen, hit Plan charge/climate, and then you can set a charging time if you want. But if you want to change the amperage, go to Settings. Then you can see, it's currently set at the maximum, which is 16 amps. You can do anything-- any single amperage between 6 and 16.

So mine's a 15-amp breaker. It tends to break early, so I'm going to set it at 12. I find that to be a really good setting for optimum charging time without tripping my breaker. But there it Is again, just go to Car, Plan/charge climate, Settings, Current limit, and adjust from there. And there it is.

So next time I go to plug in, it's going to charge at 12 amps. Won't draw more than that from my circuit and won't have any problems and the car will be full of electrons by the time I get in to go driving again.

Thanks for watching.