2022 Chevy Silverado with nicer interior gets price increases

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GM Authority's insiders clued the outlet into pricing for the refreshed 2022 Chevrolet Silverado, those MSRP figures backed up by Muscle Car & Trucks. To be clear, we're talking about pricing for the overhauled models with the new and much nicer interiors, not the 2022 Silverado Limited models (which have been selling as 2022 models but are basically carryovers from 2021). Also know that the welcoming interior won't make it down to three of the trims yet; the Work Truck, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss continue with the previously scheduled program. The Custom Trail Boss is the odd one out here, costing more than the LT trim that does get the plusher cabin because of of the Trail Boss' upgraded off-road gear. The LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, ZR2, LTZ, and High Country make the move to nicer digs. The LT Trail Boss is $500 less expensive, but this trim picked up a $1,000 increase from the 2021 model year to the pre-refreshed 2022 version.


Prices for the nine-trim range and the differences from the 2022 Silverado LTD trucks, after the $1,695 destination charge, are:

  • Work Truck: $33,195 ($1,100)

  • Custom $40,195 ($900)

  • LT $44,295 ($1,300)

  • Custom Trail Boss $47,895 ($1,000)

  • RST $48,595 ($1,300)

  • LT Trail Boss $53,695 ($500 less)

  • LTZ $53,495 ($1,600)

  • High Country $58,495 ($2,100)

  • ZR2 $66,795 (new model)

Lastly, we expect the entry-level Work Truck to be the returning regular cab with the standard box, instead of the regular cab with the long box. The Work Truck also gets more oomph from its 2.7-liter four-cylinder turbo, and a higher tow rating.

We're still waiting for Chevrolet to put the new truck on its Build & Price page. GMA says Chevy's internal timeline for doing so is January 5, 2022, a month before the new Silvy enters production. It will live for three years on the market, then give way to a new generation due in 2025.

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