2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid EPA fuel economy announced, better than expected

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When we were conducting our first drive of the 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup, Ford told us it was targeting a city fuel economy rating of 40 miles per gallon for the standard Hybrid version. Now, the EPA has provided its rating, and Ford — as well as potential customers — should be pleased. The official fuel economy numbers for the Maverick Hybrid are 42 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and 37 mpg combined. That also means that it can drive an EPA-estimated range of over 500 miles on a single 13.8-gallon tank of gasoline (510 miles in fact, at the combined rating of 37 mpg).

The Maverick Hybrid employs a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine and an electronic continuously variable transmission (eCVT) with an integrated traction motor and smaller motor/generator. Regenerative braking helps to charge its lithium-ion battery, which is located beneath the rear passenger seat. That energy can then be used to supplement the power coming from the gas engine.

Indeed, when we drove the Maverick prior to its EPA evaluation, it returned about 39 miles per gallon in a highway-heavy mix of driving. Despite its efficiency, the Maverick Hybrid feels amply powered. Its system output of 191 horsepower 155 pound-feet of torque is enough to make this 3,674-pound truck get up and go, even when we drove it with a half-ton of mulch in its 4.5-foot bed.

In addition to the Hybrid, Ford also offers a more powerful, non-hybrid powertrain. The Maverick EcoBoost features a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four producing 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. Instead of an eCVT, it uses a traditional eight-speed automatic transmission. While the Hybrid is only available with front-wheel drive, the EcoBoost variant can be had with optional all-wheel drive. Of course, it doesn’t return the impressive gas mileage of the Hybrid. The front-drive EcoBoost is rated at 23 mpg city, 30 mpg highway and 26 combined. All-wheel drive only hampers that slightly, with an EPA rating of 22/25/29 mpg. The EcoBoost can also tow up to 4,000 pounds, while the Hybrid maxes out at 2,000 pounds.

We’re still of the opinion that the Hybrid is the Maverick to buy. Actually buying one might be tricky, though. We expected this little truck would be in high demand, and according to Ford, that’s exactly the case. Ford says 2022 Maverick Hybrid reservations will be full by early November, and at that point, orders will closed until next summer. Deliveries are slated to begin in January 2022. Meanwhile, customers will still be able to get their hands on the Maverick EcoBoost, with deliveries already underway.

Pricing for the Maverick Hybrid starts at $21,490 (including a $1,495 destination charge) for the base XL trim. The Maverick EcoBoost begins at $22,575 with front-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive is a $3,305 option.

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