2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo at the L.A. Auto Show

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and Taycan GTS Sport Turismo are more enthusiast-oriented Taycans with a greater emphasis placed on handling precision rather than all-out power (like the Turbo and Turbo S). To that end, the suspension hardware carries over, but the calibration and tuning are special to the GTS, which Porsche says results in improved response and a greater sense of connection to the road.

The new GTS Sport Turismo has a further handling advantage over other versions of the Taycan's wagon-like body style in that it doesn't feature the same 20-mm ride height increase over the sedan. It also lacks the wheel arch cladding. This is why the GTS is a Sport Turismo rather than a Cross Turismo.

The Taycan, however, basically splits the atypically enormous gap between 4S (462 horsepower) and Turbo (670 hp) with a combined output of 590 hp. The 0-60 time, with Launch Control, is 3.5 seconds, which also splits the difference between the 3.8-second 4S and 3.0-second Turbo.

Video Transcript

JAMES RISWICK: It's the West Coast editor James Riswick at the LA Auto Show with the new Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo.

Like those other GTS Porsches, this is a more performance-oriented choice that puts a greater emphasis on handling rather than, you know, all-out power like Turbo. To that end, it has the same suspension componentry as the 4S, but it gets unique tuning for improved response and road feel plus standard adaptive air suspension and Torque Vectoring Plus.

Now, the rear brake rotors, they're larger than on the 4S, and you can get them with either tungsten-carbide-coated brakes or with carbon-ceramic brakes for, well, all of the money.

In terms of power, this splits the rather vast difference between 4S and Turbo. 590 horsepower from its front and rear motors versus 462 horsepower for the 4S and 670 for the Turbo. Now, the 0 to 60 splits the difference as well with a time of 3.5 seconds.

Now, the visual differences are similar to other GTS models. Lots of black trim, including the exclusive satin black version of these 20-inch Taycan Turbo S Aero Design wheels-- that is their actual name-- and the Sport Design Package that adds a special front fascia plus side sills and rear diffuser.

Now, you can get the GTS as the sedan, but this is the Sport Turismo-- not Cross Turismo like the other Taycans, no, Sport. The difference is this doesn't have the 20- or 30-millimeter lift of the Cross Turismo. It's the same height as the sedan. It also doesn't have the wheel-arch cladding of the Cross Turismo.

Inside, Racetech suede cloth, it's everywhere-- the seats, center console, dash, wheel, and headliner. The red or chalk-colored stitching and seat belts, they're optional.

Now, pricing is around $133,000 for the sedan and around $135,000 for the Sport Turismo. Now it goes on sale second quarter of next year, and its electric range will be announced closer to that time.