2022 Toyota 4Runner adds a new model, a few safety upgrades

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Toyota's already shared most of the goodie bag it poured on the 2022 4Runner. In June we found out about the new, on-road focused TRD Sport, which put on rugged TRD outside features like the hood scoop, front spoiler and black roof rails, and the X-REAS suspension from the Limited trim. Otherwise known as the Cross-Lined Relative Absorber System, the suspension uses adaptive dampers at the corners and a center damper to reduce pitch and yaw. The TRD Sport goes for urban cred with design tweaks like color-matched accents on the front grille, rocker panels, and body molding, as well as 20-inch wheels with gray accents.

Across the entire lineup, the 2022 4Runner picks up LED high beams, and the base trims get LED fog lights and low beams, obviating the need to step up a couple of trims for that latter tech. Rear occupancy alert joins the safety suite on all models, and blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert come standard on the SR5 Premium, TRD Off-Road Premium, TRD Pro, and Limited trims.

Individual upgrades include the Limited trim getting the panoramic view monitor standard, the TRD Pro adopting the off-road version of that camera system called Multi-Terrain Monitor, and the TRD Pro taking a dip in a vat of Lime Rush for its special color (pictured). If that's too much, it can also be had in Magnetic Gray Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, and Super White.

The 2021 4Runner couldn't keep its MSRP immune from price increases throughout the model year, like so many other vehicles. Hence, the increased 2021 prices are simply rolling over into 2022 for now. The MSRPs below reflect the differences (in parentheses) from the original 2021 prices, and include Toyota's $1,215 destination fee.

  • SR5 $38,520 ($540)

  • Trail Edition: $40,490 ($535)

  • TRD Sport: $41,365 (new this year)

  • SR5 Premium: $41,930 ($890)

  • TRD Off-Road: $42,250 ($305)

  • TRD Off-Road Premium: $45,295 ($755)

  • Limited: $48,105 ($1,220)

  • TRD Pro $53,335 ($1,375)

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