2022 Toyota GR86 promise kept — base price stays well under $30,000

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When we first drove the 2022 GR86 back in August, Toyota's marketing team assured us that its base price would start "comfortably" under $30,000. On Wednesday, Toyota came through. The 2022 GR86 will start at $28,725 (including $1,025 for destination) — an increase of just $710 over last year's model.

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While MSRP is relatively meaningless in today's car market, Toyota's move at least acknowledges that the GR86's fundamentals didn't really change. This contrasts with Nissan's approach to the overhauled Z, which is expected to get a price increase of between 25% and 30% to go with its new styling and powertrain after nearly a decade of virtually stagnant pricing.

  • GR86 MT: $28,725

  • GR86 AT: $30,225

  • GR86 Premium MT: $31,325

  • GR86 Premium AT: $32,825

Remember too that included with every GR86 purchase is a one-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and one free track day, along with discounted admission to other association events. That's a perk that saves several hundred dollars right there, provided you take advantage of it, and we heartily encourage you to do so.

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