2023 Kia Niro revealed with bold two-tone styling

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The 2023 Kia Niro has been revealed for the Seoul Mobility Show. And just as expected, it's a blend of the outgoing Niro's basic profile, but with much more visual flair inspired by the HabaNiro concept from a couple years ago.

Coming from the concept are many details starting with the elaborate LED headlights and zigzagging grille accents. The large lower grille also features contrasting black trim that blends into the front arches and follows along down the doors. The concept featured the contrasting parts on the front fender, too, but that was dialed back. It's made up for by the matte black contrasting rear quarter panel that's even bigger than on the HabaNiro. The slim vertical taillights blend into the quarters, too, and rear is mostly devoid of additional lighting save for two small pods located in the rear bumper. The main difference is that this production Niro still has the same somewhat rounded and road-oriented shape, rather than a more rugged and upright shape. This is probably for aerodynamics and to maximize interior space.

Speaking of the interior, it puts its own spin on Kia's interior design with large screens centered on the driver. This layout is quite minimalist and elegant, with the screens shaped to fit the arcing shape of the dashboard. Other panels have smooth, intersecting lines, too. The multifunction button panel below the screen is borrowed from the new Sportage. Kia also has included some green materials such as a headliner made from recycled wallpaper and seats using materials made from eucalyptus leaves.

Kia hasn't given particularly specific details on the Niro's powertrain, but it will again be offered in regular hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric variants. Kia says it will also include a function in navigation-equipped cars that will automatically engage full-electric mode on the hybrid models in areas that the driver tends to use electric mode or if it's been pre-programmed for a certain area.

The Niro will go on sale next year. More specific availability and details on the small hybrid should come over the next several months.

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