2024 BMW XM Gets a New Label and a Nearly $10K Discount

2024 bmw xm label red exterior
2024 BMW XM Gets a New Label, Nearly $10K DiscountBMW

The amount of people in the market for a $186,000, plug-in-hybrid luxury SUV is a lot smaller than those looking for, say, a Toyota Prius Prime that costs about $153K less than that price. Still, the wealthy folks who are considering buying the 2024 BMW XM's high-performance model might notice a slight change to its name. What was previously known as the XM Label Red is now simply known as the XM Label.

BMW XM's New Label

When BMW first introduced the XM Label Red, we admired its mighty 738-hp plug-in-hybrid powertrain, but we also noted that its styling wouldn't appeal to everyone. It was also the luxury brand's first use of "Label Red" on a production model. Clearly BMW didn't think it was catching on with consumers, as a company spokesperson told that the decision to give the hi-po XM a new label was to simplify the name. Car and Driver also reached out to BMW to ask about the name change, and we'll update this story if we hear back.

2024 bmw xm label red exterior

Report: BMW XM Discount

The 2024 BMW XM Label starts at a hefty $185,995, while the regular model starts at $159,995. However, customers can apply for a $9900 loan credit that would drop those prices. That's according to Cars Direct, who reported the discount is available by either financing through BMW directly or by going through another lender using a "Non FS Credit" that would act as a rebate and provide the same $9900 off.

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