2024 Maserati MC20 Notte Offers Limited Edition Visual Flair

maserati mc20 notte edition
2024 Maserati MC20 Notte Offers Grayscale MaseratiMaserati
  • The 2024 Maserati MC20 Notte is the first limited edition of the Italian automaker's mid-engined sports car.

  • The special MC20 is primarily a visual package, pairing matte black paint with matte white gold accents.

  • Maserati is keeping the "Night" edition to an extremely limited run of 50 units globally.

As the Maserati MC20 enters into its third model year, the manufacturer is introducing the first limited edition of the relatively new sports car. The MC20 Notte—or "Night" as it translates to English—celebrates the "daring spirit that has always propelled the Trident forward." That's according to Maserati, who clearly has a flair for the dramatic.

A More Menacing MC20

Unfortunately for potential customers in search of some added performance, the Notte edition doesn't do anything to improve in that regard. Instead, the limited-edition version is just a visual package.

maserati mc20 notte edition

The Notte version of the MC20 comes finished in a matte black "nero essenza" paint. The badging around the car, from the trident on the front, to the side logos, and the Maserati script on the back, have been swapped from their original silver to a matte white gold, which the company says reignites the brand's motorsport heritage. See what we mean about being dramatic?


The MC20's wheels have also been redone for the special edition, and the matte black finish is now accented with a matte white gold to match the rest of the car. Furthering the matching scheme, the brake calipers have been painted black. While this curated look makes the MC20 more menacing, we can't help but think a custom-ordered model would be more unique than something 49 other people on the planet will have. To each their own.

maserati mc20 notte edition

The theme continues inside the car with black-and-gray microsuede and yellow stitching. There's also a commemorative plaque situated between the headrests that reads "UNDA DI 50" lest you forget what you purchased.

On that note, Maserati is limiting the Notte edition to only 50 units globally. There's no word on pricing yet, but we expect it will come in a bit higher than the roughly $215,000 of the base car.

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