2024 Nissan Z Heritage Edition Has a Datsun-Like Nose, Starts at $60,275

2024 nissan z heritage edition
Nissan Z Heritage Edition Has a Datsun-Like NoseNissan
  • Nissan has announced a new special edition of the Z sports car to celebrate 55 years of the Z badge.

  • The Heritage Edition is based on the Z's 400-hp Performance trim and calls back to the S30-generation Datsun 240Z.

  • The Z Heritage Edition will start at $60,275 when it goes on sale this summer, but Nissan says production will be limited to an unspecified amount.

It's been 55 years since the arrival of the S30-generation Datsun 240Z in 1969, and Nissan is marking the occasion with a special-edition Z car called the Heritage Edition. The Heritage model is based on the standard Z's Performance trim, which features a 400-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. Also like the Performance, the Heritage comes with a mechanical limited-slip differential and either a six-speed manual or a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Datsun-Like Details

It seems strange at first glance for Nissan to choose the Performance trim over the more powerful NISMO model, but when the Heritage Edition first debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2022, the NISMO wasn't around yet, and the Performance was the Z's top trim.


In a nod to the 1969 240Z, the Heritage model comes with an exclusive Sight Orange paint. The eye-catching color is contrasted with a black decal extending from the hood over the roof and trunklid. Sticker decals run along the sides of the Z while the Z emblem earns its own heritage decal.

Fender flares for all four corners give the Z Heritage a more striking look on the road. Even the wheels are part of the throwback, with Nissan swapping the standard wheels for a set of retro-style 19-inch alloys. The split grille at the front works as another callback to the Datsun.

The Heritage Edition's production will be limited when it goes on sale later this summer. Nissan hasn't confirmed the amount it will sell. Pricing will start at $60,275, placing it $6165 above the standard Z Performance model. If you've got another $6615 burning a hole in your pocket, that's enough to get into the more serious, manual-only NISMO Z.

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