2024 Subaru Crosstrek: What Do You Want To Know?

Photo:  Subaru
Photo: Subaru

Last month, Subaru revealed the next-generation Crosstrek for American audiences (let’s all pretend we didn’t see the JDM announcement months earlier). The lifted wagon is back for another round, maintaining its spot as Subaru’s second-cheapest vehicle. This week, I’ll get the chance to take one for a spin, and I want to get all your questions answered. What do you want to know about the third-generation Crosstrek?

In case you missed it:

The car is much the same as the outgoing generation — same engines, same ground clearance, same CVT. The manual transmission is gone as an option, though at only a five percent take rate, one has to wonder how many buyers will care.

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Photo:  Subaru
Photo: Subaru

The new Crosstrek shares the outgoing car’s Subaru Global Platform base, but the company claims increases in rigidity thanks to new manufacturing processes. Wrapped around that platform, however, is all-new styling — divisive, to some, but undeniably Subaru in its presentation. Remember, this is the company that brought us the Blobeye and the Tribeca. Subaru’s always been weird.

Which brings us to my big question about the new Crosstrek: Just how weird is it? Subaru has been on an unending march towards normalcy over the past decade, tamping down the odder parts of its product lineup to make itself more marketable. But in doing so, some say the company has lost a bit of its spirit — the quirks, the uniquities that made the brand so beloved.

But that’s my question — I have dibs and none of you can take it. I want to hear your queries, the things you want to know about Subaru’s latest lifted wagon. Drop your questions in the comments below, and I’ll try and find answers when I’m behind the wheel later this week.

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