2025 Volvo EX90 Will Reach Customers With Missing Features

2024 volvo ex90
2025 Volvo EX90 Will Arrive With Missing FeaturesVolvo
  • The 2025 Volvo EX90 will be delivered to customers with a host of features missing, as reported by Motor1.

  • Delayed features include cross-traffic alert with automatic braking, wireless Apple CarPlay, and the bi-directional charging system.

  • The majority of these features will be added later via free over-the-air updates.

Volvo's latest electric vehicles are facing some issues. Earlier this week the company confirmed that the EX30—which was supposed to reach the U.S. this summer with a mid-$30K starting price—is being delayed until 2025 after the U.S. jacked up tariffs on Chinese-built EVs. Now it seems that the company's flagship, the 2025 EX90, which finally started production after itself being pushed back from an early 2024 arrival date, will be delivered with some of its equipment not operational.

Volvo has begun sending emails to customers who have reservations for the EX90, linking to a list of features that "may be delayed when taking delivery of your EX90," as reported by Motor1. The list includes two driver assistance items: cross-traffic alert with automatic braking and curve speed assist, which reduces the car's speed when using the adaptive cruise control or Pilot Assist system. The site also states that the lidar system will receive an update in the future to allow the system's full potential.

2025 volvo ex90

The delays will also affect the cabin, where customers will have to wait to be able to utilize wireless Apple CarPlay and will have to stick with the infotainment screen and digital gauge cluster's dark mode for the time being. Charging is also affected. The bi-directional charging capability that would allow owners to send power from the car back to their home or into the grid won't be available at first. The Smart Charging program that automatically determines the best times to charge based on pricing and efficiency, while also factoring in scheduled departures, is also delayed.


Volvo also says that owners will experience slight battery drainage while parked as a result of the car needed to keeping the EX90's core computer powered. The EX90 will lose roughly three percent over 24 hours, and if parked for 72 hours without charging, the energy use will cease as the car enters a "deep sleep" mode to conserve juice. Volvo says this will be fixed with a planned future update.

The EX90's "Plug & Charge" feature is also missing from the first batch of deliveries. This allows owners to plug into chargers without having to use an app or credit card, with the owner billed automatically via a charging account set up in advance. The majority of these features will be made available through free over-the-air updates, Motor1 reported. Some may require owners to visit a Volvo dealer, and the automaker will notify those owners ahead of time.

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