27 People Who Made Such Bold (And Wrong) Predictions That They Should’ve Been Fired

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1. This Coca-Cola ad that promoted serving the soda to babies:

2. This Newsweek magazine cover that expected Hillary Clinton's election win:

3. This list of "overhyped" trends, many of which are still "trends" today:

4. This TV magazine that said THE Betty White would be a flop:

5. This airline ad from the '70s that featured the Twin Towers:

6. This New York Times prediction that was printed less than 10 days before the Wright brothers achieved flight:

7. This...very weird cigarette ad:

8. This magazine cover that named Elizabeth Holmes as a brilliant businesswoman before she was found out to be a huge criminal fraud.

9. This article where someone wildly underestimated video games:

10. This ad that had 2020 ALL wrong:

11. This job posting by police looking for "hefty women" that stated they could never get married for the sake of the job:

12. This article that thought the internet was just a little trend:

13. This post that promoted eating more sugar to curb hunger:

14. This headline that was 1,000% incorrect:

15. These articles written by people who would be flabbergasted that Jeopardy! is still on today:

16. This magazine cover about athletes to look up to featuring Mark McGwire who later revealed he used steroids in 1998:

17. This review where someone stated they expected Kiss to have a short-lived career:

18. This magazine that implied Dreamcast was the superior gaming console to PlayStation:

19. This article that had high hopes for the financial future of 2020:

20. This magazine that claimed Amazon was a silly idea:

21. This magazine ad that supported lead being used in paint:

22. This newspaper article that had some doubts about Walmart:

23. This magazine spotlighting MySpace:

24. This article that discounted touchscreens:

25. This ad using doctors to promote something quite unhealthy:

26. This ad that did not foresee Zoom becoming a necessity:

27. And lastly, this ad that suggested people ingest TAPEWORMS to avoid gaining weight:

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