Abandoned C5 Corvette Gets Fully Detailed

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Abandoned C5 Corvette Gets Fully Detailed
Abandoned C5 Corvette Gets Fully Detailed

When cars sit in the middle of a field or anywhere else more natural, with plant life growing under and around them, they usually don’t fare too well. That’s exactly what happened to this C5 Corvette for 11 years. But WD Detailing decided it could get what honestly looks like a wreck absolutely shining again.

The Jet Corvette is one wild ride.

That’s a tall order considering not only does the outside look absolutely grody, the interior is growing all kinds of mold, plus there are nests of insects which have made the Chevy their home. Even for WD Detailing this is a tremendous challenge.


They start off with an unconventional step, putting a bug bomb in the C5. It makes sense since there’s an infestation, just we’ve never seen anyone do that with a car.

From there it’s a more traditional approach with vacuuming debris off the Corvette, cleaning the wheels and tires, then washing the body thoroughly. It cleans up rather nicely, but the car isn’t perfect.

The next round is paint decontamination and clay pad on a buffer, something they admit is nontraditional but they deem necessary to avoid excessive work by hand later. That makes an even bigger difference.

From there it’s on to the interior and all its mold. They remove the seats to clean them thoroughly, then vacuumed the carpets before doing a multi-step process to remove the mold and kill any remaining spores. That made the interior surfaces shine again, like Cinderella being transformed for the ball.

After polishing the body, the C5 Corvette doesn’t look perfect, but it does look a million times better. The big question is would you restore the sports car or use it as a parts vehicle?

By the way, WD Detailing says it’s looking to restore a field or barn find condition C2 Corvette next since it’s already done a C1, C3, C4 and now a C5. So if you have one or know someone who does, this might be an interesting opportunity to see these guys at work up close.

Image via WD Detailing/YouTube