Accused Carjacker Dies When Hit By Dump Truck

Accused Carjacker Dies When Hit By Dump Truck
Accused Carjacker Dies When Hit By Dump Truck

What a way to go.

Authorities in Maryland recently released multiple dashcam videos of a fatal pursuit of an alleged carjacker, 34-year-old Dejuan Mitchell, in Charles County on June 29, 2023. The chase came to a shocking conclusion as the stolen Toyota Camry got creamed by a dump truck, a collision Mitchell didn’t survive.

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At one point, the suspect almost hit an officer head-on as he turned onto a highway. That helped step up the tempo of the chase, it seems, since a pursuit vehicle was suddenly close behind the fleeing Toyota. As a result, the alleged carjacker pushed the Camry to well over 100 mph, something a car like that isn’t designed to sustain.


Not surprisingly, the suspect lost control of the sedan while going through a fairly gentle curve. The Toyota veered into oncoming traffic, spinning 180 degrees before the dump truck slammed into it, ripping the car to pieces.

Reportedly, the Maryland Independent Investigations Division along with the Maryland State Police Crash Team, are still investigating this accident.

Many news reports we found about this incident seem to be focusing on Mitchell, the accused carjacker, and not on the victim. While her identity hasn’t been released, it’s reported that she didn’t know Mitchell. We can hear over the radio that she suffered a pretty serious cut to her leg, likely in the struggle over her car. What Mitchell is alleged to have done to get that Camry is despicable. There’s been a growing trend of carjackings, with many victims suffering emotional and/or psychological problems long after the traumatic incident.

Also, we noticed in the pursuit videos so many people didn’t move over for the police. This seems to be quite the problem in many areas, but this is one of the worst examples of that behavior we’ve observed in a while. We don’t know if that would’ve changed the outcome of this pursuit, but refusing to move over for police, fire, or ambulance services definitely doesn’t help.

Watch the video in its entirety here.