Acura’s Upcoming Integra Will Get a Manual

Photo credit: Acura
Photo credit: Acura
  • Acura confirms that the upcoming 2023 Integra will be available with a manual transmission.

  • The next Acura Integra will see a 2022 calendar-year debut, hitting dealers by the end of next year.

  • The Acura Integra could use the same engine and transmission from the upcoming Honda Civic Type R.

Acura’s legendary Integra is making its way back to the streets in the US. That’s great news for fans of the previous—and in some cases, prohibitively expensive—Integra Type R looking for a modern alternative. As with all reborn nameplates, thought, there’s always a chance the automaker will take a different approach with its renewed model. Fortunately, it looks like the upcoming Acura will keep the spirit of the original Integra alive—at least, it’s keeping the stick.


In a world where manual transmissions are falling out of favor and being abandoned in sports cars like the Toyota Supra and Chevrolet Corvette, the inclusion of a manual transmission in the upcoming Integra.

It’s likely that the Integra will follow the same formula as previous examples and will share components with the Honda Civic. Though, now that the US sees the Civic Type R, we’re assuming that Acura is leaning on the upcoming Honda Civic Type R’s powertrain for this new Integra, which is likely one of the reasons we’re seeing a manual transmission. We’re also hoping that the team at Acura will stuff the Civic Type R’s 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 under the hood of this new machine.

Details are still murky about the upcoming Integra, but Acura will answer all of these questions next year. The upcoming Integra is slated to make a 2022 debut and should hit stores later that year as a 2023 model. No word yet on pricing.

Does the manual transmission make you more likely to consider a new Integra? Let us know your thoughts below.