Aidan Hutchinson Loves Fords

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Aidan Hutchinson Loves Fords
Aidan Hutchinson Loves Fords

It’s no secret that Aidan Hutchinson, the Detroit Lions star defensive end, is a huge Ford fan. Being from Plymouth, Michigan he was likely to be a diehard of one of the Big Three and it just so happens the Blue Oval won his heart. While NFL fans of the Mopar and GM persuasion might not be excited to hear that, we think it’s great that yet another professional football player is so passionate about cars.

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Everyone knows all about the new Bronco Hutchinson bought with his first Lions paycheck after he said he would in a recorded interview. He made a big deal about that statement and obviously is quite proud of his rig. We can’t blame him because even the Jeep crowd has to admit the new Ford off-roaders are the real deal, especially when properly modified.

Hutchinson even took to Instagram to declare his love for Ford loudly and proudly. “Officially a Ford man,” he stated rather bluntly along with a photo of him leaning against his newly-acquired Bronco.


It appears Hutchinson has modified his rig, adding a dark gray wrap, rock rails, beadlock wheels, bigger fender flares, and an upgraded front skid plate, from what we can spot in photos of him arriving for games. He’s likely done even more to the Ford and we wonder if he’s taken it out on any trails yet.

Back in August 2022, Hutchinson even did a collaborative TikTok video with Ford. He stood in a Bronco with the top pulled back, parked in the Lions’ end zone, and caught a football tossed to him. At only five seconds long it might not seem like much, but to Gen Zers that kind of marketing can be impactful, seeding more Bronco fans and future customers.

It’s also quite possible that Ford, upon hearing that Hutchinson really wanted a Bronco at a time when they were in short supply, proposed that he could get one but he had to do a promotional video as part of the deal. We’re sure he was more than happy to work with the Blue Oval considering his deep love for the brand.

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