Alfa Romeo retains Zhou as part of unchanged 2024 lineup

Alfa Romeo has confirmed Zhou Guanyu will remain with the Formula 1 team in 2024 as it opts for an unchanged driver lineup with the Chinese driver alongside Valtteri Bottas.

Zhou was out of contract at the end of this season but has shown good progress in his second year in F1, picking up two top-10 finishes in a difficult car that has yielded a total of only 10 points so far. In pairing Zhou with Bottas once again, Alfa Romeo team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi says the team is prioritizing stability while keeping Theo Pourchaire in a reserve role.

“The decision to continue our journey with our driver lineup unchanged is testament to the investment we have made in our project,” Alunni Bravi said. “Nothing in Formula 1 changes overnight, and we have taken a conscious decision to focus on stability and to keep building our team up together as we embark on an important period of transition.


“Valtteri and Zhou are drivers of known talent and skill and they work really well together: they are well-matched and can push each other. Valtteri has taken a real leader’s role within the team, pushing us all to give our best; Zhou has made impressive steps forward in the last two years and we expect him to continue on this trajectory in 2024. Now the baton is back to us — we have to give both drivers a good car and put them in the best conditions to perform.

“Finally, I am happy that Theo will remain with the team for 2024 as one of our reserve drivers. He has done an incredible job this year, not just in F2, where we will all support him as he fights for the title in Abu Dhabi, but also behind the scenes, working with the team in Hinwil.”

Zhou points to the partnership he has with Bottas as a strength of the lineup that will benefit Alfa Romeo moving forward, as the pair enter a third season together.

“Signing again with the team is always a great feeling, especially when we know how things are shaping up,” Zhou said. “I am proud to be part of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake and grateful for their trust: I have been working extremely hard since day one and there is an incredible level of motivation to keep doing so every day forward.

“My relationship with Valtteri is really good, and we are working closely together and with the team to push everyone forward. I am also very excited about the opportunity to finally race with my team in China, in front of my home crowd. It will be a great moment and I’m proud to be able to share it with all those who have supported me.”

Bottas, who had signed a multi-year agreement when he joined Alfa Romeo at the start of the 2022 season, also expressed satisfaction about keeping the current team together.

“I have a feeling we have an exciting journey ahead of us, so I am happy and grateful to be able to look forward to 2024 knowing how the team is shaping up,” Bottas said. “There is a good atmosphere within our squad — I get along with Zhou and we both push each other hard to improve.

“There is an impressive amount of work going on behind the scenes, in Hinwil and beyond, and now that the lineup is set for next year, we can focus fully on improving, starting this weekend in Singapore already. Every step forward we make is a step forward for this year and next, so we are motivated to give everything we have every time we’re trackside or at the factory.”

Story originally appeared on Racer