Alleged Thieves Faked A Heart Attack, Then Tried To Escape In A Rideshare After Robbery

Image: Ringo Chiu (AP)
Image: Ringo Chiu (AP)

Mass robberies, or “flash mob” robberies have been a media phenomenon in Southern California. While many of these alleged thieves get away, many of them don’t seem to be the smartest of criminals. Take a recent theft attempt by a group of thieves trying to get away in a rideshare vehicle as KTLA reports.

On September 5th, a group of four suspects — Louie Velasco, Jocelyn Mendoza, Sherry Rogers, and Marlon Deleon — were allegedly seen ransacking a Macy’s department store in Brea Mall around noon. The thieves weren’t aware that the cops had already seen one of the robbers acting suspiciously and were waiting for them outside of the mall. They encountered the cops as they ran outside to their getaway car. They managed to speed off, leading police on a high speed chase. Then things get…wild. They dusted the cops and managed to hide in the most random of places.

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When the rideshare arrived, the thieves got in and tried to get away. It didn’t work of course as the cops quickly surrounded the car and took them into custody. Apparently, rideshare drivers unknowingly getting pulled into crime a lot as one Brea police officer explained. “It’s not an uncommon thing for us to have that and for rideshare drivers to go through that.”

As for the thieves, they now face multiple charges, including filing a false emergency report that’s the cherry on top of this whole scheme: police say one of them attempted to lure police away from the mall by calling 911 and claiming a robbery was in process at a local Wells Fargo bank.

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