Another Houston Meat Heist Has Been Foiled

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Another Houston Meat Heist Has Been Foiled
Another Houston Meat Heist Has Been Foiled

We don’t know what the deal is with people in the Houston, Texas area is, but meat heists there are apparently a thing and it’s creeping us out. We covered one heist last year when two guys were busted with 46 packages of stolen meat in their car, including oxtails. This time was eerily similar, leaving use to believe a trend is forming.

Woman busted for stealing a carload of Stanley cups.

According to Rosenberg Police, an officer performed a traffic stop on a car that was reported stolen out of College Station. While that officer probably thought he might find drugs or a gun stashed in the car what he uncovered instead was 18 packages of stolen meat.

Yeah, we know, not as big of a haul as the one before and there was no oxtail. But you can see in the photos police shared these guys did score two tubs of pork chitterlings. For those who don’t know, those are the small intestines from pigs, so maybe they were going to make a stew or sausage?


Police say the stolen meat was worth about $500 but we wonder how good it was after sitting in the vehicle for who knows how long. The two suspects probably don’t have a food handlers license and it doesn’t look like they put the meat in a cooler with some ice, so that’s disgusting.

Investigators believe the duo stole the meat from grocery stores in the Houston and Katy area, but they didn’t speculate on what the thieves planned on doing with all that protein.

However, they did find drug paraphernalia inside the stolen car, so tack that on to charges for these guys. And thus ended yet another great Houston meat heist. But we know another one is coming sooner or later.

Images via Rosenberg Police