Arizona Sheriff Purchases Dodge Hellcat Redeye

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Think this is a good use of taxpayer money?

We know there’s usually a fair amount of controversy whenever a law enforcement agency seizes and through the courts retains a hot performance car like a Hellcat or Corvette Z06. While some might refer to that as legal theft, we’re wondering what everyone thinks of the 2022 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye showed off recently by Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.

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Presumably the law enforcement agency got some sort of deal on the high-powered American muscle car, although it hasn’t said exactly how the vehicle was acquired (it still could’ve been an asset seizure). But with a price that usually ranges somewhere from about $87,000 and upwards of $102,000 we can’t imagine it was a cheap purchase.

Before you start tacking on the cost the special F8 paint and graphics, just know the department didn’t pay for those customizations. Those were donated by Lawley Automotive Group, which not only created some goodwill with the sheriff’s department and community but also likely got a sweet tax shelter. At least that part didn’t come from public coffers. But nothing is said about upfits like emergency lights, so it’s likely those were paid for by the citizenry.

Obviously, this isn’t a regular patrol car. With no backseat, you can’t exactly take a suspect into custody or do other things in this Mopar. However, with 797-horsepower on tap through the supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8, it would do a great job of chasing down criminals in other high-powered cars. But with no push bar, it’s not going to be doing any PIT maneuvers.

Instead, the main duties of this Redeye will be drug education and community outreach, with some drug enforcement activities thrown in there. After all, rolling up to a community event or a school in this thing will draw fascinated youngsters in droves. That’s why it reads on the edge of the trunk lid “Seek Opportunities Not Drugs.”

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