This Is How Arkansas State Police Deal With Fleeing Motorcycles

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This Is How Arkansas State Police Deal With Fleeing Motorcycles
This Is How Arkansas State Police Deal With Fleeing Motorcycles

By now, everyone should know Arkansas State Police shouldn’t be messed with. Whether you live in Arkansas or are just passing through, dashcam footage like we’ve all seen before clearly demonstrates troopers in the state will PIT fleeing vehicles to end the chase. This includes motorcycles, yet this guy still runs and without a helmet.

Did this Arkansas trooper go a little too hard?

At first, the pursuit winds through a neighborhood and the suspect enjoys a bit of an advantage. However, when he leaves the narrow streets with tight turns, the trooper catches up and bumps the back of his sport bike at an intersection.


Our suspect almost loses his balance right then, which was the whole point, but he’s able to stay in the saddle, twist the throttle, and take off once more.

Now a smart person would realize the trooper isn’t playing around at all, so continuing to flee at high speeds is literally putting their life on the line. And before anyone says the trooper shouldn’t do that, keep in mind that a fast motorcycle crashing into a car can not only kill the rider, the people in the “cage” aren’t entirely safe.

The trooper tries a few tactics to end this chase, including attempting to run the guy off the road and bumping the bike from behind. Yet again, he gets wobbly but our suspect stays upright and keeps going for it.

His lack of riding skills start to show through clearly as the pressure climbs and he pushes the envelope in a desperate attempt to get away.  A few times he pushes the motorcycle to over 120 mph. Even with a helmet on, the stuff he does to try getting away are just crazy. Some people don’t seem to love their life.

The guy eventually wrecks out, but do so on a soft shoulder. Had it been the pavement, those shorts, T-shirt, tennis shoes, and no helmet would’ve made that a super fun visit to the hospital.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube