Arkansas Street Racer Ditches Local Police, Gets Wrecked By Himself

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Arkansas Street Racer Ditches Local Police, Gets Wrecked By Himself
Arkansas Street Racer Ditches Local Police, Gets Wrecked By Himself

Street racers seem to think they’re truly smart, but like Walter White they’re playing quite the high-stakes game. The longer they try to use public roads as their personal speedways, the more likely they’ll meet a cop who can run them down and dole out a brutal takedown, only in this case when Arkansas State Police tries chasing this suspect in a Dodge Charger, the suspect does the takedown work himself.

Watch another suspect wreck himself out here.

As you can see in the beginning of the video, he’s trying to ditch the cops as he blasts down a highway. Perhaps he’s seen the notorious Blackout Charger and was confused, because his car isn’t nearly as fast. After all, the Charger that keeps getting away is likely a Hellcat, maybe even a Redeye, and is probably modified on top of that. This Charger is nothing of the sort.


Still, this guy pulls out all the stops, exiting the freeway and getting right back on, getting off on surface streets, and doing the kinds of things ASP deals with constantly. None of this is going to throw them off. If you’re dumb enough to street race, maybe you should be smart enough to just pull over and take the consequences from the cops?

We know most street racers aren’t that smart or wise. Instead, they think they have the fastest ride and the best driving skills out there. The thing is if they’re wrong, they get to pick up at least one felony charge and a bunch of others, which depending on the prosecutor might stick. That’s far worse than just getting caught racing on public roads.

In the process of running, this guy tears off the bumper of the Mopar. Maybe it’s not his and he doesn’t care? Or maybe he’s just so concerned about getting caught that he’s willing to thrash his beloved ride? For a bit he does ditch ASP, but with so much law enforcement swarming the area to catch him, eventually he’s cornered as he takes a desperate dash down a twisting, winding two-lane road. Funny enough, he wrecks out where the trooper who’s chasing him almost does the same thing.

Don’t speed, kiddies!

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