Aspark SP600 Surpasses Rimac Nevera’s EV Top Speed Record

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Aspark SP600 Surpasses Rimac Nevera’s EV Top Speed Record
Aspark SP600 Surpasses Rimac Nevera’s EV Top Speed Record

Japanese electric hypercar brand Aspark has made headlines again with its latest achievement. The Aspark SP600 has surpassed the Rimac Nevera, setting a new top speed record for electric vehicles.

The Aspark SP600 achieved an astonishing top speed of 272.6 mph (438.7 km/h) at the ATP proving ground in Papenburg, Germany. This is the same location where the Rimac Nevera previously set the record. However, it’s important to note that the SP600 is not a series production car like the Nevera, but this feat still showcases Aspark's impressive engineering capabilities.


The SP600 was piloted by Marc Basseng, a seasoned driver known for holding the Nürburgring lap record in a Pagani Zonda R. Basseng’s expertise undoubtedly contributed to the vehicle's remarkable performance on the track.

Aspark first demonstrated its prowess in the electric vehicle market back in 2018 with the Aspark Owl. The Owl achieved a 0-60 mph time of just 1.6 seconds, surpassing the Tesla Model S P100D and setting a new standard for acceleration in electric vehicles.

The success of the SP600 further solidifies Aspark's position as a formidable player in the hypercar segment, pushing the boundaries of what electric vehicles can achieve. While the SP600 may not be a production model, its record-breaking performance is a testament to the potential of electric propulsion in high-performance applications.

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