Attempt to Smuggle Stolen Lamborghinis Through Wyoming Ends in Felony Charges

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Attempt to Smuggle Stolen Lamborghinis Through Wyoming Ends in Felony Charges
Attempt to Smuggle Stolen Lamborghinis Through Wyoming Ends in Felony Charges

Two men from Colorado, Andrew Adam Blackman, 35, and Dassman Fadil, 32, are facing felony theft charges after being apprehended by the Wyoming Highway Patrol for attempting to smuggle a pair of stolen Lamborghinis through southern Wyoming. The high-performance vehicles, valued at over $550,000 combined, were taken from Utah and driven at speeds exceeding 100 mph.

The case was elevated to the felony-level Carbon County District Court, with each man facing potential sentences of up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. The men allegedly shut off the GPS trackers on the vehicles, rented from North Salt Lake, Utah, and attempted to transport them through Wyoming.

Image Via Wyoming Highway Patrol
Image Via Wyoming Highway Patrol

The Lamborghinis in question, a 2019 white Huracán Roadster and a 2015 green Aventador, are both pinnacle models of performance, capable of exceeding 200 mph. Vince Bodiford, publisher of, noted that these cars are built to handle high speeds with ease, which can deceive drivers into traveling at dangerously high velocities without realizing it.


The incident began on May 26, around 11:34 a.m., when the Wyoming Highway Patrol received a report of two speeding Lamborghinis on Interstate 80. The vehicles, reported stolen from Onyx Rentals by Joseph Lober, were not authorized to leave Utah.

Lieutenant Jared Frakes of the Rawlins Police Department stopped the white Lamborghini with Blackman driving and Fadil as a passenger. Blackman was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and Fadil was detained for further investigation. Meanwhile, the green Lamborghini was spotted on a flatbed tow truck and subsequently stopped by WHP Trooper Steven Watson.

The tow truck driver, who was not charged, claimed he was hired by a man named "John" to transport the green Lamborghini from Park City, Utah, to Thornton, Colorado, for $2,900. Both vehicles were impounded by the Wyoming Highway Patrol for further investigation.

During questioning, Blackman claimed he was allowed to drive the car by a friend who rented it, and he barely knew Fadil. Fadil, on the other hand, said he was introduced to Blackman by someone named "Cedrick" and was unaware the cars were stolen.

Both men were charged with felony theft, with court documents highlighting inconsistencies in their stories. The cars, valued at $320,000 and $234,000 respectively, were not supposed to leave Utah under the rental agreement. The Wyoming Highway Patrol noted that disabling GPS trackers is a common tactic used by car thieves to prevent tracking.

The case continues to unfold, with the high-value vehicles currently in the custody of Iron J Towing until they can be retrieved by their owner. The suspects' implausible explanations and the sophisticated nature of the attempted theft underscore the ongoing challenges law enforcement faces in combating vehicle theft rings.

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