Australian Man Attacks Dealership Cars With Axe

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Australian Man Attacks Dealership Cars With Axe
Australian Man Attacks Dealership Cars With Axe

It wasn’t that long ago we were under the impression Aussies were for the most part pretty laid back. Either we’re just not as naïve as before or something has changed on the island nation, because in the past few years there’s been some pretty disturbing behavior happening constantly there. One of the latest examples is some guy who took an axe to over a dozen cars at several dealerships in Melbourne.

An Australian woman’s muscle car collection has mysteriously vanished.

Mabe you thought America had the corner on the market for axe-wielding weirdos or at least senseless destruction of private property. But no, Down Under seems to have a fair amount of this nonsense going on as well, with cars being the target far too often.

You can see in surveillance footage captured at the different dealerships that this guy took his time taking several clean swings at different vehicles. One was a rather expensive BMW i8, a vehicle which people who know little to nothing about cars think is high-performance ride but instead is just plain expensive. But other more average models were also targeted by this vandal.


Images captured by 7News Australia of the aftermath seems to indicate the guy really just went ham on windshields, not body panels. If we were police investigators looking into this crime, we’d be taking a look at glass installers or maybe glass suppliers in the area who maybe were trying to generate some extra business during a slow time.

Police are of course concerned about what kind of person would do such a thing. They’re probably worried the guy will next try his axe handiwork on some humans. Considering how we’ve seen the escalation from car break-ins to armed carjackings where people sometimes get shot here in the US, the concern probably isn’t unreasonable.

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