Author Rachel Kling Launches Her Book Detailing Her Journey of Inner Transformation and Healing

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2021 / Rachel Kling, author and aikidoist, has announced the release of her profound memoir, My Walk on the Aikido Path: A Healing Journey of Self-discovery. Kling hopes that her story will help others reclaim the power in their lives and see that it's possible to refashion themselves through mindfulness and perseverance.

My Walk on the Aikido Path chronicles Kling's journey of inner transformation and healing. After surviving childhood trauma and the mental breakdown that it caused in her young adult life, Kling began practicing aikido and unknowingly took the first steps toward healing and peace. Aikido not only helped Kling process her past, but also empowered her to realize her true calling of becoming a psychotherapist.

My Walk on the Aikido Path explains how aikido allowed Kling to both connect with herself on a new level and escape stagnation by looking forward to the future. Kling uses her personal reflections and observations from her daily life to emphasize the importance of self-awareness.

Kling's book will resonate with anyone who appreciates tales of personal transformation, healing, and growth. Although not everyone practices martial arts, My Walk on the Aikido Path teaches readers that it's possible to rebuild their lives around a central purpose or endeavor that brings them fulfillment.

In a period of global upset, My Walk on the Aikido Path is an especially timely reminder that it's essential to remember our interconnectedness with the rest of the world. After emerging from the isolation of trauma and the uncertainty of her years as a young adult, Kling's work is a compelling contribution to inspirational literature.

My Walk on the Aikido Path: A Healing Journey of Self-discovery is available for purchase at Amazon and on

Rachel Kling has practiced aikido for over 20 years and received her black belt in 2011. She graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in creative writing and currently practices as a psychotherapist. She lives and writes in Burlington, Vermont.

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