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  • Watch Ford drifting a 2015 Mustang GT through China's "Ghost City"

    For the first time in its 50 year history, the Ford Mustang is being sold in China. In fact, the initial shipment of 100 muscle cars left Portland, Ore., on route to China less than a month ago, just in time to wave goodbye to the Chinese Year of the Horse.

  • Lexus, Buick top J.D. Power reliability survey, but tech bugs still common

    Is not being able to get your phone talking with your car enough of a reason to get a new car?

  • McLaren 675LT supercar revealed with Italian-crushing power

    The 458 Speciale is the car you'd buy if you were born into royalty or had a father that was handy at throwing a ball. It's driving at its purest, and excels on both the road and the racetrack. It also doesn't cost hypercar money, but McLaren doesn't have a dog to fight with. Until now.

  • Tesla tops Consumer Reports rankings again, but Buick, Subaru gain

    The annual rankings of the top vehicles in Consumer Reports' testing and surveys finds some reason for Detroit to cheer — and for European brands to worry.

  • How Victory Can Save Itself From Defeat

    It’s a generally accepted principle that brands succeed based on two broad assumptions: they have the ability to evolve as the nature of their business and their consumer evolves (think Apple) or they produce a product that is so beloved and even culturally

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  • Deacon Uses His Lamborghini to Get Kids into Church

    When I was a kid, what tempted me to go to church was the jelly donuts after mass. But this Alabama church deacon has an even better idea: Lamborghinis. Sure, some people think it’s weird to flash supercars to get teens to church. After all, Jesus wasn’t exactly a flashy high roller in his day. But

  • Meet the Jaguar E2A Prototype: Father of the E-Type

    Jaguar had won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times in the 1950s with the gorgeous C-Type and D-Type. Jaguar boss William Lyons particularly liked the Malcolm Sayer-designed lines and curves of the D-Type, and wanted to put its technology and good looks to use in a viable road car. This would be the

  • Old but Gold: Scooter Lane Splitting Goes Terribly Wrong

    Ugh. Just watch the video. The level of luck this guy has is astounding. I hope he went out and bought a crap ton of lottery tickets, because with luck like his, he’d win everything for like
  • This Rolls-Royce Truck is True Working-Man Luxury

    The talk of the town continues to be Rolls-Royce, and its soon-to-be Cullinan SUV. If you’re hoping to nab one of these ultra-lux off-roaders, you’ll likely have to wait until 2017… and have quite a lot of cash or great credit.  Need a Rolls ute sooner? Perhaps this Rolls-Royce flatbed truck is…

  • Surprise! Tesla Model S has a 007 Submarine Mode

    The Tesla Model S nets significant attention for its electric driving range, impressive roadholding, and of course its Insane Mode for unbridled acceleration. But now the Model S is grabbing headlines for a wildly different reason – its secret “Submarine Mode.” With the right combination of buttons…

  • Sunbeam Tiger: Carroll Shelby’s Forsaken Mistress

    Automotive history is like show business. Both are filled with heartbreaking stories of those who came close to stardom, only to fade into obscurity. For example, consider the Sunbeam Tiger, built by the British-based Rootes Group from 1964 through 1967. The peppy little roadster had a strong…

  • AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Nabs First Petty’s Garage Mustang GT

    OK, my head’s fairly ready to explode. Forget the Hellcat Challenger, I now want the Highway to Hell Petty’s Garage Mustang GT. What’s that? Why am I calling it the Highway to Hell Petty’s Garage Mustang GT? Because the first one was bought by AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and it’s designed by The…

  • Watch Idris Elba Track a Jaguar XE S During His 746-Mile Road Trip to Berlin

    You might know him from The Wire, you might know from The Wire, or you might know him from The Wire. Either way, regardless of how you know actor Stringer Bell Idris Elba, what’s important now is that he partnered up with Jaguar to drive a brand new 2016 XE from London to Berlin in

  • Look Out Mercedes, Defender Flying Huntsman Goes 6×6

    What’s the most unlikely segment to plan a new vehicle for? Answer: the gigantic six-wheeled SUV and pickup truck segment. Population: Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6.  That is, however, the exact model that British firm Kahn Design is pursuing on its new project. It’s called the Flying Huntsman 6×6, and, as…

  • Here’s How You Play Golf With A Helicopter

    Let’s face it, for some (especially in Russia where this video was shot) the winter has brought on a lot of snow which has made most outdoor activites kind of tough. Especially, well…golf. The answer? Get a helicopter! This all happened at the Tseleevo Golf club in Russia. The ultra luxury course…

  • Dodge to Buyers: Beware of Dishonest Hellcat Dealers

    There’s no doubt the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Charger Hellcat are the brand’s most coveted vehicles right now. But a warning has been issued that some dealers are being dishonest and taking deposits for Hellcats they will never sell. And the most surprising thing? The warning comes straight…

  • Rex Ryan and His Awesome Bills Pickup Truck Are All In for Buffalo

    For all the negative attention Rex Ryan gets, there’s one thing he’s always shown: commitment. Ryan, who is now the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, took his Ford Super Duty pickup truck and customized it to really fit in stand out with a full streaky red, white, and blue color scheme. It even has an