Bank Employee Allegedly Steals To Buy His Dream Car, A Volvo

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Bank Employee Allegedly Steals To Buy His Dream Car, A Volvo
Bank Employee Allegedly Steals To Buy His Dream Car, A Volvo

If you could buy a “dream car” for $72,000 without using a cent of your own money, we really hope you don’t run out and buy a Volvo. We also hope you don’t steal from your employer or anyone to buy your dream car because that’s almost as wrong as your dream car being a Volvo.

This is the luckiest Kia owner in the world.

A man in Memphis, Tennessee is accused of both egregious offenses and if we were him we’d be eternally embarrassed. The guy is accused of stealing $72,000 in cash from his employer, the City of Memphis Employees Credit Union, to then go and finally buy that 2024 Volvo S60 he’d always wanted.

We couldn’t make this up but instead this bizarre story of a crime of opportunity and one of the weirdest dreams we’ve heard of in a while was covered by WREG. The report says Joseph Herring Jr. worked as an IT technician for the credit union.

While Herring was at a branch doing some work a drawer from the vault, which contained the $72,000 cash, went missing. When something like that happens, banks audit records, including the security camera footage. That’s when it was discovered Herring allegedly had deleted footage from around the time of the theft.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what happened, but innocent until proven guilty. Still, it doesn’t look good for Herring, especially the incriminating evidence that he planned to buy his dream Volvo S60 with the cash. Can you imagine him walking into a dealership with a suitcase of money to buy a car?

He left even more of a paper trail by making cash deposits at different ATMs. Why not use a teller? Did he seriously not know ATMs have cameras? Working in IT surely he did. Ugh, but he also dreamed of driving that S60 and that explains so much.

Anyway, Herring is saying he won the cash he spent to buy his dream Volvo gambling at a casino. It sounds like this is going to be a messy court case but he’s already found guilty of having questionable automotive taste.

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