Beautician Claims To Be Lamborghini Heiress

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Beautician Claims To Be Lamborghini Heiress
Beautician Claims To Be Lamborghini Heiress

Most people in all likelihood don’t care who the rightful heir of Ferrucio’s modern empire is, especially considering the brand has been owned by the Volkswagen Group through Audi for some time now. But a beautician is causing a stir among at least the Lamborghini family and people who love Jerry Springer-style drama after she claims a straw helps prove she is in fact an heiress to the legacy.

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The whole lurid story is spelled out in detail in a recent Daily Mail report, so we’ll spare you all the gross details. Basically, this 35-year-old Italian beautician, Flavia Borzone, says she doesn’t want money but at the same time is waging a legal battle for defamation in the courts.


Borzone says the proof that she’s in fact a Lamborghini heiress comes via a straw used and discarded by Elettra Lamborghini, the daughter of Ferrucio’s son Tonino, using a private investigator. A DNA sample from the straw allegedly proves Borzone is a half-sister of Elettra.

According to Borzone, her opera singer mother Rosalba Colosimo began an affair after Tonino Lamborghini offered her a ride while she waited at a bus stop. It seems that ride took on two forms and Flavia was born in the late 80s.

For understandable reasons, Tonino allegedly kept this affair secret. After all, Colosimo was only 17 and the whole thing sounds rather scandalous, like something straight out of General Hospital.

There’s a big legal fight over whether the straw was acquired legally and such. The family, which doesn’t control the automaker anymore but does manage the luxury lifestyle brand which uses the same logos for all kinds of ridiculous products, must feel Borzone isn’t being honest about now wanting any monetary compensation. We’ve known people who say they’re not after something when they absolutely are, so that might be why all the drama.

All this just reminds us of when Sergio Marchionne bragged about how hot Italian secretaries are. Just how common is this sort of thing in Italy?

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