Belltown Hellcat Owner Brags To Cops About His Social Media Followers

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Belltown Hellcat Owner Brags To Cops About His Social Media Followers
Belltown Hellcat Owner Brags To Cops About His Social Media Followers

Right now, the owner of the infamous Belltown Hellcat, which has allegedly terrorized residents in Seattle for months, is facing mounting legal problems. Among them is a lawsuit from the city of Seattle for a whopping $82,000. But if you’re to believe what the owner of the modified Mopar muscle car told police, that’s just chump change to the guy.

Belltown Hellcat owner’s mommy tries sheltering him from consequences.

In police bodycam footage obtained by KOMO News, Miles Hudson was pulled over by Seattle officers for allegedly speeding on the night of March 20. The officer who approaches his car says he’s already pulled him over before and even remembers the guy’s first name.


After checking all his info, the officer writes citations for speeding, the lack of mufflers on the Hellcat, and apparently blue lights displayed on the front of the muscle car. Hudson seems confused about the accusation he’s running straight pipes, arguing with the officer that he has high-flow cats and that the car would pass an emissions test.

The cop who spoke with Hudson was actually pretty cool about the whole situation, asking him why he didn’t take the Hellcat to the local raceway. He even tells Hudson he has a car that would “smoke” his.

That seems to set Hudson off and she starts bragging about how many social media followers he has. He then drops the claim that the Hellcat and all its mods have been paid for through his social media income.

Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not – we don’t know.

Also noteworthy is how we finally get to hear just how loud the Belltown Hellcat is. Honestly, we were expecting more, which makes us suspicious the people of Seattle just aren’t used to hearing many modified, blown muscle cars at all.

Image via KOMO News/YouTube

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