Belltown Hellcat Owner Now Has A Warrant For His Arrest

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Belltown Hellcat Owner Now Has A Warrant For His Arrest
Belltown Hellcat Owner Now Has A Warrant For His Arrest

Mike Hudson, owner of the infamous Belltown Hellcat that terrorized people in Seattle, has been the subject of a multi-prong legal battle lately. Not only has he been hit with a huge fine from the city which was deemed appropriate by a judge recently, he’s been ordered to park the modified Mopar muscle car and allegedly parked in a handicap spot so it was towed. But the latest development is he has a warrant for his arrest.

Guy pulls a gun on the repo man and instantly regrets it.

Reportedly, Hudson failed to appear in court on July 3, so the judge issued a $5,000 bench warrant, says King 5. Considering how much cash the guy claims to have, thanks to a large social media following, that should be easy enough to pay.


But that hearing wasn’t about his Dodge Charger Hellcat. Instead, he was supposed to be in court for criminal charges of stalking and disclosing intimate images without consent. We mentioned before that Hudson has a history of domestic violence accusations against him. Now he’s potentially facing consequences.

According to the King 5 report, Hudson dated this victim for a month and a half before she broke it off and told him not to contact her again. But he allegedly did, even showing up at her place of employment, refusing to leave when asked.

When she got an Uber to her house, Hudson allegedly was there, confronting her. But she still didn’t agree to see him again.

The victim claims that’s when Hudson sent a sex tape of the two to the woman’s ex-boyfriend, something the ex-boyfriend has corroborated with evidence.

All this adds to the growing legal problems the Belltown Hellcat owner faces and while it might be a drop in the bucket compared to what the city of Seattle is doing, the fact he skipped a court date isn’t a positive sign.

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