The Best Way To Get Your Car Out of the Snow is With a Bunch of Horses


Winter storm Jonas did a number on a major portion of the east coast this past week. While most people were stuck indoors, some people were unfortunately out and about on the street, getting themselves stuck in feet of snow. But what’s the best way to get unstuck from the snowy conditions?

If you were to ask this semi-truck driver, it’s four clydesdales Belgians and a man in a buggy. The video you see here is from 2011, but it’s not any less interesting or relevant than it is this week.

The truck driver seemingly makes a wide turn, getting himself caught up in a snow-drift. Thankfully, a man and his clydesdales Belgians come to the rescue. It’s an amazing feat by these four horses. Watch below.

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[UPDATE 01/25]

Our lead horse researcher is away on vacation—these are Belgians, not Clydesdales.