You Can Bid On This Great Olds Convertible Online This Weekend

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Cars like this were built to drive in a vintage era.

The early 1940s were an influential time within the American automotive market for many reasons, most of which concerned the impending end of World War II. When looking back, we see a lot more luxury-focused Vehicles come onto the market, something that classic car collectors of today love to capitalize on heavily. So, naturally, GM decided they would jump on the bandwagon to stun the world by showing off one of their most iconic Brands back in the day. Sure, we don't see much of Oldsmobile anymore but back then they were incredibly popular and now you have the chance to get your example made in 1941.

Deemed the Oldsmobile 96, this convertible is likely the only convertible example of its year, and certainly the only one we know of. In total, only 325 96 Convertibles were made which is already pretty impressive and makes the cars extremely rare on their own. However, when you Whittle it down to how many of those were made in 1941, it seems like this might be the only one. This design was so eye-catching and unique for the time it was even featured in The Journey with olds magazine in March of 2020. ah yes, it is a very rare piece of Automotive art but how about the mechanical side of things?

under the hood, you'll find an engine unlike pretty much anything else available in its time which uses great displacement and what we considered to be modern designs back in the day to make some high horsepower and torque numbers. Those figures come from a 350 cubic inch V8 engine, which then sends power through its connected 350 automatic transmissions. Both of these things would have made the car pretty quick before its time and even gives it a nice old-school muscle car rumble when you start it up nowadays. Overall, this is an undeniable classic that shows off the best of 1940s engineering and you could be its next driver. That is if you think you can handle it.

This vehicle is part of the OK Classics Auction in Shawnee, Oklahoma at the Grand Casino. The auction takes place on Saturday, April 1. Bid live or online here.

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