Blackout Cadillac SRX Driver Learns What A PIT Is

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Blackout Cadillac SRX Driver Learns What A PIT Is
Blackout Cadillac SRX Driver Learns What A PIT Is

Yet again we get to see someone in a Cadillac SRX try running from police, this time in Arkansas. Why people think the clunky luxury crossovers would be good at dusting the fuzz is a mystery because we haven’t seen one really put up a fight. That’s not the interesting part of this dashcam footage, although it is kind of funny how short the chase lasts.

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First of all, an Arkansas trooper pulls the Caddie driver over for going more than 20 mph over the speed limit. The guy inside who looks like he was ripped straight out of the 80s and not in a good sort of way.


Anyway, the guy tells the trooper he doesn’t have his driver’s license or any ID on him. He also mumbles something about how he has to get home to his mommy, whom we assume owns the granny crossover.

When the trooper orders the suspect to step out of the vehicle, the guy instead takes off, flooring it. These SRXs aren’t fast, so that’s not impressive, but what is interesting is how the suspect blacks the vehicle out, shutting off all the lights.

Has this guy been watching police pursuit videos online, getting ideas of how he can escape cops in a hot and heavy chase? Maybe, but it seems the only thing he learned was that blacking out is a good thing to do.

The first lesson this guy should’ve picked up is that running from cops is dumb, especially in a slow vehicle. Sure, because it’s bigger and heavy the trooper has to PIT it three times, but that means more damage to mommy’s special ride. She’s not going to like that one bit.

This kid continues to act dumb, keeping his phone in his hand and acting like it’s more important than the trooper pointing a gun at him. We know not everyone of the generation acts this way, but with examples like him it’s easy to see why some think they do.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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